Steve Sack wins Pulitzer Prize

Steve Sack Pulitzer Prize winning cartoon

This year’s Pulitzer Prize winner is Steve Sack of the the Star Tribune, Minneapolis For his “diverse collection of cartoons, using an original style and clever ideas to drive home his unmistakable point of view”.

Steve was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for cartooning in 2004. He’s no stranger to national awards. He has also been the recipient of the Sigma Delta Chi Award (2003), National Headliner Award (2003), Scripps-National Journalism Award (2004) and the Berryman Award from the National Press Foundation (2006).

Finalists thus year are: Clay Bennett of the Chattanooga Times Free Press (TN) and Jeff Darcy of The Plain Dealer (OH).

You can see the Steve’s winning portfolio over on

The jury for the editorial cartooning category this year included:

Bob Davis, editor, The Anniston (AL) Star (Chair)
Steve Breen, editorial cartoonist,
Froma Harrop, columnist, Creators Syndicate/The Providence Journal
Chris Lamb, professor of journalism, School of Journalism, Indiana University/Purdue University, Indianapolis
Lincoln Millstein, senior vice president for digital media, Hearst Newspapers

15 thoughts on “Steve Sack wins Pulitzer Prize

  1. This is soooooooo well-deserved. Sack has been creating fantastic work for years!

    Congrats to Clay and Jeff, too!

  2. The perfect choice…his cartoon are just great! Steve’s a great gut too! Looooooong overdue!

  3. This is awesome. Consistently distinctive, pointed, wonderful to look at. Made my heart glad to hear.

  4. Congrats to Steve Sack!!! It’s honor to not only be in the
    company of such great talent as Steve and Clay but everyone
    one else plugging away day after day in this profession doing
    solid and stellar work.

    I thank the Pulitzer board for continuing to recognize the
    importance and value of editorial cartooning profession
    to journalism.

    On a bitter sweet day, my thoughts are with all those in
    Boston and all those who have given their lives to preserve
    the liberty and freedom we have to do this work.

  5. I’ve said for years that Steve should be awarded a Pulitzer for the simple reason that he hadn’t gotten one, yet. He’s been creating funny, incisive and well-crafted cartoons for so long that this is, frankly, long overdue. Congratulations, Steve!

    Props also to the two fine finalists. The committee chose wisely.

  6. Yes, Steve’s work is excellent and very deserving. I agree that he should have won years ago. Congratulations, Steve!

  7. Big congrats to Steve! His wit and beautiful artwork have long been inspirational. And yes, such a nice guy! Great choice by the Pulitzer judges. I was also happy to see Clay and Jeff get the well-deserved recognition of being finalists. Good on ya!

  8. Where’s the book? Steve Sack draws great cartoons, and they’re worth collecting to enjoy over and over. The 20 submitted with the nomination are a great review of the cartoon highlights of 2012!

  9. I’ve been out of town, so I’m a bit late jumping in, but CONGRATULATIONS STEVE!
    As mentioned, this has been a long time coming.
    And congrats to Clay and Jeff and the judges for having good taste.

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