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Matt Bors hits funding goal; plans to release second book

Editorial cartoonist Matt Bors’s Kickstarter campaign to fund a book collection of his work (Life Begins At Incorporation: cartoons and essays) has been fully funded. At this writing (with seven hours left) he’s raised just under $35,000. Having exceeded the original $20,000 goal, he’s promised a second book for those who contribute another $17 to their original contribution. The next stretch goals he’s working toward is $40,000.

There’s less than 60 hours to go in this campaign and I’ve surpassed my stretch goal to create a second book. At $40,000 I said I’d shit my pants, but I pretty much already have. The response to this was better than I expected. So thank you for supporting it. As I mentioned before, the $30,000 level means more than a second book. After plugging away at this for almost ten years, 2013 will be the first year I’m able able to focus solely on my own work, drawing three cartoons a week and writing the text for this book.

He’s seven hours away and needs to raise another $5,000. If you haven’t donated, please do. I did.

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#1 Rex Truman Jr.
@ 12:59 pm

A true capitalist at work! Go Bors Go!

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