Richard Thompson writes about his surgery

Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson has posted a great account of his experience having brain surgery. He’s also posted a couple of remarkable sketches. In his words:

Dr. Kalhorn counted off how deep he was positioning the first wire. When it got to where it’d do the most good he’d turn on the current ask me some questions, like it was an especially intrusive eye test. Dr. Mabdir held up a clipboard. “Richard’s a cartoonist,” he said, “and he’d like to draw something for us.” He moved the clipboard to where I could reach it and carefully handed me the pen. “This’ll be without any current.” I couldn’t see too well without my glasses, but this is what I drew-

Then I signed it and, at the doctor’s request, drew a spiral. Ten seconds later I drew this, but with a little current going through the wire-

Visit his blog to see the difference between the two. Remarkable.

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