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David Paccia creates cartoon contest to honor his mother

David Paccia, who runs the excellent blog David Wasting Paper, has created a cartooning contest for junior artists. The contest was created to honor his mother who passed away in May.

The contest is open to artists between the ages of 13 and 16 who have an interest in cartooning and/or animation. The contest runs from November 1, 2012 to January 31, 2013. The Winner will be awarded an impressive cartooning starter kit which includes several great books by renowned artists, drawing supplies from leading art vendors and a Wacom Drawing Tablet! (See below for complete details). One Honorable Mention winner will also be chosen.

Please visit his blog for entry details and spread the word to the aspiring ones in your life.

Community Comments

#1 David Paccia
@ 12:30 pm

Thank you very much for posting about the cartoonist contest Alan!

#2 Mike Cope
@ 1:22 pm

David … First, my sincere condolences about your mother. This contest is a wonderful way to honour her memory. Congratulations and I wish you all the best with it!

I read your entry requirements and a little alarm went off in my parental/teacher mind when I read the part about requiring a photo. I’m guessing that this is meant to be a way for you to verify whether the entrant meets the age requirements, but I’d advise against inviting 13-16 year old children to send you their photo.

Suggestion… what about a very short “Reference Letter” from an adult who can verify the age & identity of the child?

For example, a schoolteacher.

You could require this letter to be submitted on school letterhead and that the winning package will be mailed to their school. This again will protect YOU because you will not be collecting the addresses of minors.

To save teachers time, you could prepare a PDF document that can be printed on the letterhead. The student fills in their name and age, then the teacher fills in their name and school contact information.

Once you’ve selected the winners, you can post the names of students and their school so that they know to expect their prizes.


– Mike

#3 David Paccia
@ 1:55 pm

Thanks Mike,

My wife said the same thing about the picture of the kid and I looked at her like she was soft in the head. I guess I am a little too naive and never would have thought anything was wrong, since I had visions of the proud parent snapping the photo of their kid. I guess I forgot what kind of world we now live in. If two people question it, then I am removing that requirement (already removed).

I do have a section that states that the parent or guardian must attest that the child is the age they say they are and that they created the comic on their own…

Consent to participate: All applicants must have parental/guardian consent to participate. Submissions must include a note from parent/guardian 1) confirming participant?s date of birth, 2) certifying that entry is the original and unassisted artwork of the participant and 3) providing their consent for the child to participate in the contest. This note must be signed and include the parent/guardian?s address and phone number. Winner?s parent/guardian will be notified by phone and prizes will be shipped to address provided.

I plan on calling the parent/guardian and letting them know that their child won. This way they know that all the packages are on their way.

And now that I am removing the photo requirement, I guess when I call the parent I can ask them if they would want a photo of the child with the artwork posted. If not I can just post the name (maybe only first name and last initial?) and their artwork.

What a horrible world that I have to worry about something like that. It never even crossed my mind.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention Mike and possibly saving me from some grief.

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