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Interviewed: Lalo Alcaraz as cartoonist and activist

VOXXI interviews editorial cartoonist, comic strip creator (La Cucaracha) and activist Lalo Alcaraz about using his cartooning and as an activist.

Q: You do a lot of satire with political issues. Tell me about some of the themes you use throughout your cartoons and why you use those specific subjects?

A: My parents are immigrants from Mexico. I saw when I was growing up how badly they were treated by people, by employers, by the public. I grew up angry about that. Growing up on the border, it became important for me to always try to stand up for immigrants. The backlash against immigrants has only grown and it coincided with my opportunities to draw editorial cartoons. In the early 90s, the backlash really hit hard and so that?s when I really blossomed as a political artist, being more of an advocate: Artist-activist.

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#1 birdie Birdashaw
@ 10:39 am

As a chicano cartoonist, Lalo Alcaraz is a huge influence on me and my work. La Cucaracha isn’t in my local paper but I it’s the only syndicated comic I read every day

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