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Bronies – Grown men watching My Little Ponies

Recently I had dinner with friends whose son asked if I was a “Browny.” A Browny is an adult man (or maybe even a teen) who watches My Little Pony. Apparently it’s the raging thing to do.

From Film School Rejects:

These days, adults watch children?s shows; it?s a fairly normal occurrence. Long-running cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants and the more recent Adventure Time revolve around absurd humor with cross-generational appeal. So I don?t think anyone cares that Bronies, many of whom are in their 20s, are fanatical about a cartoon intended for kids. However, the fact that these adults are men and obsessed with what is perhaps the girliest show of all time is something that a lot of people have trouble wrapping their heads around.

Add this to the list of things that the Internet culture created.

Community Comments

#1 Mark_Tatulli
@ 12:14 pm

It’s not a “Browny,” it’s a BRO-NY…

Sounds like “PONY,” but with a “Bro” as in “brother”.

Don’t ask me why I know this.

I don’t watch “Pretty Ponies,” but I am an avid viewer of SpongeBob, Adventure Time, The Regular Show, King of the Hill, and Family Guy. And anything produced by Dan Schneider.

Those shows are cool. “Pretty Ponies” are for dork hipster wanna-bes.

#2 Kelly McNutt
@ 1:22 pm

I’ve thought the production values of the new “Ponies” reboot are really good, and my daughters love love love the cartoons. I can’t watch more than two minutes before I start to get twitchy if I don’t watch just for the animation. People deride Spongebob but I think it’s one of the best things to happen to cartoons in a long long time.

#3 Chuck Akira Brubaker
@ 1:25 pm

I’m a fan of “Friendship is Magic”. It’s actually a pretty good cartoon.

Credit should go to Lauren Faust, who created the reboot.

#4 Chuck Akira Brubaker
@ 1:29 pm

And Mark, there’s nothing “hipster” about it. It’s actually a genuinely entertaining show.

#5 Jim Lavery
@ 1:37 pm

We’re all going to hell

#6 birdie Birdashaw
@ 2:12 pm

I thought bronies were the creepy older males who enjoy the My Little Ponies reboot. Kind of like Furverts are dudes who dress as animals for sexual purposes. I’d love to be proven wrong about the creepier brony communities

#7 Chuck Akira Brubaker
@ 2:19 pm

I’m not creepy, I can tell you that.

Here’s a better article on the fandom, from a feminist point of view:

#8 Mark_Tatulli
@ 2:44 pm

Chuck, obviously you’re dork hipster wanna-be.
I bet you listen to vinyl records.

#9 Chuck Akira Brubaker
@ 2:47 pm


No, but I collect 16mm films. Will that count?

#10 Kat Ruhl
@ 2:57 pm

Bronies actually just refers to any older (basically from teens to adults) fan of MLP: Friendship is Magic. Gender is nil when it comes to it.

People that refer to themselves as ‘Bronies’ are just fans, they’re not creepy or pedophiles or any of that (well, some might be but you get that in EVERY fan base) they’re just people.

I like the show, Lauren Faust is awesome and made something truly funny with great characters who are actually fleshed out and relateable across the board. The art style is really cute and fun too which is an added bonus. It’s great to see a show aimed at young girls that doesn’t pander or try to teach them that they need to be these perfect little angels or that they should want to be princesses. It shows you can be yourself and be a perfectly valid person. I’d love to see some more kids shows that are genuinely good like this one. (I mean, there are shows aimed at slightly older audiences like Adventure Time and Regular Show that are awesome but not many for very young kids that can be easily enjoyed by their older relatives)

#11 Gar Molloy
@ 2:09 am

It’s a perfectly cromulent show that catches a lot of flak because the target audience is girls under 12. Personally I like it. Wouldn’t buy a t-shirt, but I’ve watched the first two seasons once and found the show funny, cute, charming, and strangely calming.

It’s one of the few things on TV that takes place in a world where, by and large, everyone gets along. The ponies don’t expect to get ripped off or stepped on by everybody in the whole goddamn world, and everyone has a part to play in society. As a break from reality, the appeal is hardly inexplicable.

Also, the central message of ‘don’t be an asshole to your friends’ is, I think, important.

#12 Jim Lavery
@ 12:44 am

Totally going to hell

#13 mike crachiolo
@ 1:01 am


#14 Donna Lewis
@ 2:18 pm

I need a cigarette after reading this thread.

#15 Jim Lavery
@ 8:40 am

I need a monotony after reading it

#16 Jim Lavery
@ 10:56 pm

that should read LOBotomy. I guess I don’t need one afterall.

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