Check out Barmy, independent film about crusty cartoonist

I recieved a note from Thaine H. Allison, Jr., an actor in a new movie Barmy. If ever there was someone who should play Lee Salem in a movie it would be Thaine, but I digress. If you’re in the Hollywood area on Sunday August 5th, make plans to see the premiere screening of Barmy at the Feel Good Film Festival. Barmy is about a cartoonist named Charlie Atwood who draws the newspaper comic strip Barmy but is injured in a car-bicycle accident and has to rely on a in-home healthcare nurse.

Here’s the movie description from the website:

Charlie Atwood is the creator of “Barmy,” a newspaper comic with dwindling readership about the necessity of self-reliance.

Severely injured in a car-bicycle collision, Charlie is forced to face his worst fear: the complete loss of independence.

Amy Murray has her hands full as the second home healthcare nurse assigned to Charlie after the first gives up.

Confined to a full-leg cast and virtually immobile, Charlie must reevaluate his thought process and direction of the cartoon, while struggling with a growing fondness for Amy.

And the trailer:

If you’re interested in attending:

The premiere will take place Sunday August 5th at 3:45pm in North Hollywood at the Laemmle Theater

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