Senator Howard Baker honors cartoonist Charlie Daniel

Knoxville News Sentinel editorial cartoonist Charlie Daniel, was honored yesterday at a luncheon hosted the by Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy for his “long and illustrious career.”

The video below is Senator Howard Baker’s tribute to Charlie for his contributions to the country and the political discourse.

3 thoughts on “Senator Howard Baker honors cartoonist Charlie Daniel

  1. My wife is from Knoxville, and I have been following Charlie’s work for a long time. I’m especially impressed with his work from 20 to 30 years ago, but to have lasted at his job for so long is an achievement in and of itself! But what I love about this video is the lady sitting behind him. Is that her hair, a hat, or is she channeling Woody Woodpecker??!!

  2. Having known Charlie for many years, let me say that it is an honor well deserved. He’s an institution in East Tennessee and a great guy to anyone who knows him.
    Way to go Charlie!

    P.S. The red-head in the back, I believe is Rosie. Rosie’s Diner is a recurring theme in Charlie’s Sunday cartoons.

  3. Yes, that was Rosie. She made an appearance. I had the honor of being able to be one of the speakers and the event was fantastic. Charlie gave me my start when I was at the University of Tennessee and I’m proud to say I have a kid named after him. He has served the community well for over 50 years. I’m glad to see that the community appreciates him.

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