Mike Peters commencement speech wows crowd

It was announced back in March that Pulitzer Prize editorial cartoonist and Mother Goose and Grimm cartoonist Mike Peters would be the commencement speaker at this Alma Mater Washington University in St. Louis. The campus paper also noted that some students were disappointed in the announcement – some not knowing who Mike was.

I’ve been following the reactions to Mike’s speech this morning on Twitter. I haven’t seen a negative comment and if this sample (below) is any reflection of the larger audience – Mike nailed it.

Mike Peters wows commencement crowd

Storified by Alan Gardner · Fri, May 18 2012 11:21:13

@mikebpeters: by far the best commencement speech I have seen at @wustl. "You, the Class of 2012, are Superman." #trueJason Marquart
@mikebpeters, That’s nothing. I’m sporting a venom/spiderman outfit underneath this jester’s costume.spencer mcfarlane
@mikebpeters opened his commencement regalia & is sporting a full spandex SUPERMAN suit & earned a standing ovation from #washu students!Kristen Otto
I can’t wait to see a close-up photo of @WUSTL commencement speaker @mikebpeters as he said: "You–the Class of 2012–you are SUPERMAN!"Frank Murphy
Good advice at any age. #WUSTL Grad RT @jrobmartin Write down the things you love and try to get a job in those things – @mikebpetersWUSTL SIS
RT @jrobmartin: The Superman costume reveal by @mikebpeters was a fitting end to a funny and touching #wustl commencement address #stlKristen Otto
Mike peters is hilarious #commencementBubba Fricke
Richly deserved standing "O" for art alum Mike Peters (@mikebpeters)?awesome #Commencement address!Sam Fox School
Write down the things you love and try to get a job in those things you love – @mikebpetersJessica Martin
RT @jrobmartin: Enjoying @mikebpeters commencement address @wustl – #stlUniv College WUSTL
If you’re not listening to art alum Mike Peters’ #WUSTL #Commencement address, tune in online (he is hilarious) http://ht.ly/aYVGSam Fox School

Here’s a photo courtesy of Washington University in St. Louis.

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  1. I had the incredible good fortune of spending two hours on the roof of a Habitat House side-by-side with him, then four solid hours the next day as I interviewed Mike (and he me) in a New Orleans hotel lobby. Those were six of the most joyful hours of my life, followed by his hilarious performance as emcee at the Reubens that year. Surely Mike Peters has cheered the spirits of every person who’s spent time in his company or heard him speak. I cannot think of any cartoonist I’ve met in the last five years who represents cartooning in a better light. And I have yet to hear an ill word spoken of him. His wife, Marion, is a great human being to boot.

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