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Update on the Iranian cartoonist sentenced to 25 lashings

The offending cartoon for which Mahmoud Shokraye will receive 25 lashes

Yesterday I posted news that Iranian cartoonist Mahmoud Shokraye had been sentenced to 25 lashings for depicting a local official in a football (soccer to us Yankees) jersey. Information about the case has been limited, but The Guardian has picked up the story and provides a bit more context and detail. Doesn’t change much, though.

From The Guardian

Iranian politicians, including Ashtiani, have been recently criticised for interferring in the country’s sports. The MP’s forehead in the cartoon (as also in reality) has a dark mark, said to be the sign of a pious muslim, caused (supposedly) by frequent prostration during prayer.

Shokraye was subsequently sued by the MP for having insulted him. A court in Markazi province, of which Arak is the capital, sentenced the cartoonist to 25 lashes ? an unprecedented punishment for an Iranian cartoonist.

The article indicates that cartoonists within Iranian have done one of three things in dealing with the lack of tolerance: leave, quit or self-censor.

Community Comments

#1 Michael Pohrer (MJ)
@ 12:18 pm

Imagine how horrific it is to know that you’ll soon take a walk out to a determined area. Then I would imagine they would tether you down. Then a gentleman walks up and begins pummeling you with lashes. How long do you think you could withstand the pain before passing out. Seriously, Holy Crap!!

You think this is going to leave a mark?

#2 Dave Stephens
@ 1:57 pm

To the bone.

#3 Mike Peterson
@ 3:24 am

25 lashes.

Not 25 lashings.

Unless they’re delivering them one at a time on successive days.

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