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Profiled: Katie Cook and Gronk

iO9 reviews Katie Cook and her webcomic Gronk.

Gronk is a sweet comic, devoid of malice (except, perhaps, toward Canadian geese, but they’re jerks). But Gronk herself is, for all of her adorableness, a fully fleshed out character. She’s imaginative and playful, but she’s also selfish and doesn’t think her actions all the way through. Dale, for her part, more likely to punish Gronk for tweeting like an idiot or watching Real Housewives of Manitoba than for throwing a canister of glitter at her head. But the comic’s key feature is the strong love Gronk and Dale feel for one another and their shared joy they find in food, crafts, movies, and all the other things that spark their imaginations.

Community Comments

#1 Michael Pohrer (MJ)
@ 12:53 pm

Katie does do some good cartooning work.

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