The Mad Art of Caricature! goes into second printing

MAD Magazine cartoonist Tom Richmond has posted news on his blog that his book “The Mad Art of Caricature!” has gone into a second printing and he’s signed with a distributor so that bookstores can carry it. This is fantastic news. “The Mad Art of Caricature!” is one of those books that should belong on the shelf of anyone that calls themselves a cartoonist.

8 thoughts on “The Mad Art of Caricature! goes into second printing

  1. One of the best cartooning instruction books I’ve ever bought. It’s to caricatures what ‘The Illusion of Life’ is to animation. In fact, aspiring animators would be wise to add this to their collection. Tom presents some terrific lessons regarding facial expressions.

    Coolest part is my copy came with a pencil sketch of Helena Bonham Carter that is now framed πŸ™‚

  2. People like Tom Richmond are not normal. I’ve seen him, met him and by outward appearance, no bells go off. But who in their right mind would attempt a roomful of recognizable caricatures and nail every damn one? These people are the reason I don’t own an eraser.

  3. Thanks, everybody (especially Alan for the shout out). I’m very glad the book has been so well received. I’m hoping the retail outlets open up another level of market for it.

  4. Tom … I think you are still holding back some critical information though, I still can’t draw like you ! Getting better though.

    I felt that way about a Jack Nicholas “how to play golf” video too, so maybe it’s me .

    Seriously though, this book is so full of great lessons and examples it will take years to absorb. Great stuff. Glad it’s selling so well.

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