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Thomas Yeates takes over on Prince Valiant art

King Features comic editor Brendan Burford announced that yesterday was Prince Valiant artist Gary Gianni last strip and that Thomas Yeates will no draw the iconic classic feature.

Mark Schultz will continue to pen the series.

Correction: The headline when originally posted stated that Mark Schultz was the new artist. Headline has been corrected.

Community Comments

@ 8:14 am

Congratulations to Thomas Yeates. It has to be quite an honor to take on one of the most beautifully illustrated cartoon features in history. Last Sundays strip was great. Is it my imagination or does Aleta look more like Linsay Lohan nowadays. Not a dig …just an observation.

#2 Pete McDonnell
@ 12:12 pm

Tom’s a great choice! Tom’s got the classical illustrative chops necessary to follow in the footsteps of Gianni, John Cullen Murphy, and even the great man himself, Hal Foster. Tom’s done great comic book work on other classic heros like Zorro, Tarzan, and Robin Hood, so it’s perfect that he’s been tapped to carry on the lineage of this classic character.

#3 Bhob Stewart
@ 6:04 am

Yeates is a perfect choice. Unfortunately, your original headline appears in the link from DailyINK. Combined with the typo “will no draw”, the confusing item gives the quick impression that King Features decided to fire Yeates after one week.

#4 Sid Weiskirch
@ 1:03 pm

Dear Sirs:
I have been putting on an exhibit honoring Hal Foster for the last four years around the Chicago area. It has about 35 museum
size 3′ X 4′ beautiful reproductions of Hal Foster’s greatest panels (and some of Gary Gianni’s too) It has been in 19 art centers and libraries gaining a great deal of Chicago area publicity. It is presently at the Blue Island Library until August 11th. Then, it goes to the Skokie Historical Museum in November and December and then to the Orland Park Library.
January and February.

Your members can view 3 short 5 minute videos about the exhibit at: youtube\dragonsrobotsghosts…click Hal Foster in the Search Box. 3 videos appear The Art of Hal Foster Parts 1 and 2 and Sarah Asks Sid about Comics Collecting.
Sid Weiskirch

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