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New York Times reconsiders compensation to cartoonists

Two weeks ago the New York Times announced it was going to begin publishing cartoons each Sunday in their Week in Review section, but their process for selecting (‘everyone send in finished work and we’ll pick the one we like’) and compensating the cartoonists ($250 a week) created a strong negative response from individual cartoonists as well as cartoonist organizations.

Daryl Cagle has posted the response that he received from The Times that reports The Times is not going to resume publishing cartoons next week as planned until they have another process in place:

As I’m sure you all know, we got a lot of reactions to our request for cartoons for a new feature in the Sunday Review – much of it negative. Your very good questions and criticisms of our process have forced us to take a second look, and to reconsider. We are going to postpone adding the cartoon to our section until we can figure out a process that is fair to cartoonists and also works for us.

Community Comments

#1 Dave Stephens
@ 1:18 pm

As long as “works for us” doesn’t translate to “we don’t want to pay but a pittance…”, I’m all for it.

#2 Mike Lester
@ 2:27 pm

Color me shocked if this:
A -pays more than $400.00
B -is EVER assigned to a conservative
3 -is not a “Work for Hire” (i.e.: your copyright is transferred to NYT upon submission)

#3 Milt Priggee
@ 2:43 pm

Oh- this is gonna be good…..I

#4 Keith Brown
@ 4:44 pm

Everybody loves your work….until you want to get paid.

@ 7:25 pm

A polite way of saying no cartoons…

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