RStevens raised $20k+ for complete Diesel Sweeties collection

RStevens, creator of Diesel Sweeties, has raised over $20,000 to create a complete ebook collection of his work. The amazing part of this crowd-funded project is that his intent is to give away the ebook for free. The original fundraising goal is $3,000 to compensate RStevens for this time to create the book as well as pay for a few capital expenses necessary for the project. The fund drive still has 22 more days so the $20k+ is still an early number. Diesel Sweeties debuted online in 2000.

On a related note, I mentioned last week that Rich Burlew’s Order of the Stick has raised nearly half a million dollars for a similar archive project. With 5 days left to go, he’s raised $777,558.

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