Cartoon Movement to publish Haiti book project

Cartoon Movement editors Matt Bors and Tjeerd Royaards spent a month in Haiti earlier this year with the goal of finding an artist and writers for a comic journalism project to document the issues facing that country after the devastating 2010 earthquake. The first chapter of the book “Tents Beyond Tents” will be released on the 12 of this month. The chapter was written by Pharés Jerome, a reporter for Le Nouvelliste and drawn by Chevelin Pierre. Matt says that “most reporting on Haiti read across the globe is done on by foreign journalists. It was important to us that this project present a Haitian perspective.”

More chapters will be published throughout 2012 focusing on Haitian politics, the role of NGO’s, and where relief money was spent (or not). Interestingly the comics will be published in English, French, and Creole.

One thought on “Cartoon Movement to publish Haiti book project

  1. That is a great idea. Some of my friends have family in Haiti. The news from there is so bad especially since the earthquake. Best of luck with the work.

    I occasionally do cartoons . This was my immediate reaction to the earthquake when several radio stations and newspapers reported that the combined Major League Baseball teams and owners and players promised to donate one million dollars to the relief effort. Meanwhile music, TV, movie and other sports celebrities were often donating 2 or 3 million of their own money as individuals.

    It seemed especially cheap since the NY taxpayers had just donated over a billion to the Mets and Yankees.

    Here’s a link to a website with my Haiti cartoon:

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