King Features’ Brendan Burford begins blogging

King Features’ comics editor Brendan Burford has begun blogging over on Daily Ink. His first post debuted yesterday stating that he hopes to write a weekly post on Mondays covering comics that he likes, interviews and King Feature news.

As a quick aside, King Features has been doing a lot of big overhauls with their website and digital offerings. In addition to the revamped corporate site that I reported on last month, they’ve completely reworked their online comics subscription site The Daily Ink. If you’ve got an iPad or iPhone, you can also download their iOS app version of The Daily Ink. One additional note about the new Daily Ink. King Features has historically been reticent to allow their features outside of paywall environments. With the new Daily Ink, you can now post your favorite comics on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

One thought on “King Features’ Brendan Burford begins blogging

  1. Very cool. Brendan has an encyclopedic…or I guess in this day and age, wikipedic ™ knowledge of comics as well as being an excellent cartoonist on his own. Check out his ‘Syncopated Comics’ anthology series:

    Good stuff. Not just from Brendan but from many of his cartoonists friends too.

    Plus, he’s secretly Bill Watterson! We’ll ok, I made that part up, but still…

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