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Renton police officers demoted for video

It appears the drama in Renton, WA is over and the individual (or in this case individuals) for posting cartoonish videos mocking the police department has been identified and punished.

From the Seattle PI:

The 87-page report condemns the sergeant and the the officers, including a deputy chief, who knew about the video.

The sergeant created an anonymous e-mail to post the video, the report said, and a deputy chief advised him to post it from the library to keep from getting caught.

At this point, it’s a question as to whether the officers involved will file a suit claiming their videos were a form of free speech and that the demotions were punitive.

Community Comments

#1 Jeremy Billadeau
@ 1:24 pm

Serpico, revealed!..

#2 Shane Davis
@ 2:53 pm

I hope they sue the pants of that idiot Chief. I can’t believe the community isn’t behind these guys.

Jeremy, you’re on to something there. How about Pacino in a film about this ‘scandal’! Michael Mann can direct this thrilling drama…

#3 Robert Gidley
@ 6:09 pm

The Seattle Times (which ran the story on the front of the Local section) was pretty clear that the two miscreants they diligently tracked down were not MrFiddlesticks, who was accused of posting numerous videos viciously mocking the police department.

(The story that ran in print was longer.)

[Renton is a blue collar suburb of Seattle at the south end of Lake Washington. There’s a big Boeing plant there, shopping and not much else.

I think the town motto is: “Renton, gateway to Tukwila” ]

#4 Gar Molloy
@ 5:48 am

That’s not how you spell Tequila!

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