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Prosecutors, police want to arrest cartoonist for mocking them

This story seems very bizarre. A local prosecutor and the police department in Renton WA. are investigating the identity of an animator who goes by the name “Mr. Fiddlesticks” who has been posting South Park style cartoon videos on the web about internal dirt inside the police department.

A criminal court document, uncovered by Team 7 Investigators, not only shows how badly the city of Renton wants to “out” the cartoonist (who goes by the name MrFiddlesticks), but states some of the fake character’s lines discuss real life incidents. For example, the search warrant says one cartoon statement “discussed a past incident that has already been investigated…..regarding a dating relationship (a female detective) had with a suspect.” An embarrassing revelation; yes, but criminal??

Law experts cited by Kiro-TV news say this is a blatant disregard for constitutional protections of free speech.

Community Comments

#1 Jeremy Billadeau
@ 11:50 am

Renton WA police depart declares Jihad on cartoonists… Not sure why they didn’t incite slander in their court order? Perhaps it’s not?..

#2 Keith Brown
@ 8:34 pm

I made fun of a local prosectutor a couple of times and he apparently did a background check on me. At least that’s what my editor told me.

#3 Robert Gidley
@ 12:52 pm

The Seattle Times also had an article about this in Friday’s paper (yes, it made the papers!):

In it, they talk to a Seattle University law professor who basically says “Ha ha ha ha! Yeah, right.” Especially about the cyber-stalking part.

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