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Slylock Fox Spot-the-Difference coming to iPhone/iPad

On the heals of the news of Bob Weber Jr. and Jay Steven’s ending of Oh Brother! comes more positive news for Bob. On August 12, 50 of his favorite Spot-The-Difference panels from his Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids feature will be available on the iPhone or iPad. The app will be introduced to the App Store for one week at $.99 and then increase to $1.99.

Community Comments

#1 Ed Power
@ 7:44 am

Awesome. My wife and Uncle LOVE this part of the strip.

I wish I could figure out a way to promote this in “Teddy the Technopohic Neo-Ludite”. Maybe I’ll have the sassy, techie kid who hangs around Teddy, Webster (get it?), buy the ap and try to explain to Teddy what exactly the ap is…as he buys a newspaper. Ah, the wacky adventures.

But again, seriously, this is good news. I love Bob and his work, and I really think aps are going to be the future of both comics and webcomics.

#2 Larry Brambrut
@ 8:59 am

Misprint in original ad on pricing.
The pricing will be 99 cents as a “limited-time-offer” and not just for one week. It has not been decided if and when the price will increase to $1.99.

We are the developers of the app.

#3 Philip Taterczynski
@ 11:20 am

THis knocked me head over heals. Whoever canceled Oh Brother! is a real heal. If that person is a woman, I hope she falls off her high heals. Don’t worry, though – if she hurts herself when she falls, it’ll heel.

#4 James Sandefer
@ 11:38 am

You missed one on the Spot the Difference challenge for Sunday, 30 October, 2011.
Upper panel: Note the white trail coming from the window, going OVER the black side panel and looping back to the right connecting to the bat.
Lower Panel: Note the white trail coming from the window, going UNDER the side panel and looping back to the right and connecting to the bat.
This difference was NOT LISTED in the answers.
My wife and I always enjoy the weekly challenge and use it to help keep a few wrinkles in our brains.
Keep ’em coming.
Jim S–
Albuquerque, NM

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