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Interviewed: Jeff Smith regarding Bone and RASL

IO9’s Cyriaque Lamar caught up with Bone creator Jeff Smith to talk about his 20th anniversary and RASL.

When did you know you could keep going with the series?

The first issue of Bone shipped 20 years ago this month, so this is our twentieth anniversary. I think it was really when we made the first collection of Bone in 1993. And that’s when I came to San Diego, I had a table and one assistant and we were surrounded by a mob of people. I had never seen anything like it, everyone wanted this book!

Literally, people were sticking their hands over other people’s shoulders with wads of cash. And my assistant was taking the money, I had no idea how he was keeping track. It was an amazing thing I had never seen before, so I knew at that moment something had changed.

I’ve written about the grande 20th anniversary edition earlier this month.

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#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 9:04 pm

Congrats Jeff. I think I saw your assistant on an island in the Bahamas earlier this year (on Google earth).

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