Zunar loses comic ban challenge

Malaysian cartoonist Zulkifli Anwar Ulhaque (AKA Zunar) has had his day in court and didn’t come away the winner. A Malaysian court has upheld the ban on two of his cartoon books that were banned and confiscated in 2010 on the grounds that they threatened public order.

Mr Zulkifli said the judge did not specify how the books could cause public disorder, as claimed by the government, instead ruling that authorities had acted rationally by imposing the bans.

‘I expect this from the government. The government tries to silence all the critics, all dissent, all alternative views,’ he said. ‘But I’m surprised that the court also agrees with the government in this case. This is really disappointing.’

Chuah Siew Eng of the Center for Independent Journalism indicates that Zunar and his attorneys will appeal.

4 thoughts on “Zunar loses comic ban challenge

  1. This sad decision by a sad, kangaroo court means Malaysia will continue to suppress anything and everything written or drawn that doesn’t tow the party line, only a little better than 2,000 years ago in Egypt, if you wrote the Pharaoh was NOT a god, the powers would “suppress” your head right off your shoulders…

    On the other hand, Zunar is only one cartoonist among a great many in this world of hateful bullies whose power only seems to grow with every tick of the clock… Those that compare the US with tinpot dictators that lurk in countless cities, countries and continents are not entirely wrong in that humans have the same venal desires everywhere, but the fact that I am writing this without any fear of repercussion here in the good ole’ USA puts that comparison solidly in its place…

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