Racine, Thompson launch new podcast for geeky dads

Podcasters Tom Racine (Tall Tale Radio) and Justin Thompson (Comics Coast to Coast) have launched a new website and podcast called GeekPapas aimed at “geeky dads” or better described on their blog as, “proud geek parents who have unbridled passion for their kids and want to share their lifelong love of all things Geeky with them. We are movie buffs, comic collectors, cartoonists, musicians, artists, sports fans, and more.”

They’re also posting a weekly single panel gag comic (geared to the audience).

6 thoughts on “Racine, Thompson launch new podcast for geeky dads

  1. Interesting news, but I hope this doesn’t affect the schedule of their other podcasts too much. I still enjoy those!

  2. Alan! Thanks for the shout out! And hopefully, this won’t impact Tall Tale Radio too much, but it was time to try to expand the audience. I LOVE talking to cartoonists and comic book folk, but if I’m to take this beyond hobby, I needed to broaden the audience. We can embrace geeks of all sorts now…sports, movies, TV, books, gadgets, whatever. And they say “find something you love,” and man, I don’t love anything more than my girls, so I’ve got that covered!

    The key will be participation. I hope all you dads out there will stop by the site and comment on the podcast, the movie reviews, the parenting stuff…etc. Thank you in advance!

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning us Alan. We hope this will be something new and more relatable to a wider group than our previous ventures which was exclusively comics. ‘Comics Coast To Coast’ is still rolling on and better than ever really, since we now have several hosts that rotate around the stewardship of Podmaster Brian Dunaway. So don’t worry C. Hart, there’s just that much more to listen to now.
    Our next show is a real doozie, wait ’til you hear it!


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