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Michael de Adder lands gig with Canadian Business Journal

The Canadian Business Journal has announced that they will now be featuring Michael de Adder’s cartoons for their monthly magazine. Earlier this month Michael de Adder announced that he had been laid off from New Brunswick Publishing. He’s also got another paper lined up to run his work 3 times a week.

Community Comments

#1 Kevin Kallaugher
@ 1:44 pm

That is great news. Mike is one of the best out there

#2 Clay Bennett
@ 12:49 pm

That’s great news.

Mike de Adder is like a cat. Somehow, he always seems to land on his feet.

#3 John Cole
@ 9:30 am

I’ve always been impressed by the work of our cartooning peers in the frozen north. Mike’s one of the best. Congrats!

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