United Media closes doors for good

Michael Cavna has posted the best summary of the end of United Media and the implications for syndicates in today’s newspaper climate.

“No history of daily comics could be written,” [John] Glynn echoes, “without a third or more of it devoted to what United and NEA brought to the readers of the world.” And Glynn’s Universal colleague Lee Salem says: “Many of the talents [United] brought to newspapers and readers are not just household names, but cultural icons.”

9 thoughts on “United Media closes doors for good

  1. Universal Uclick now handles all the United Media properites – even gocomics.com

  2. United always seemed to find and develope the best strips. Most of my favs are/were United strips…

  3. So when Universal signs up a new strip,
    is there a choice of management to make
    the strip a Universal strip or a UFS strip?
    Or even sign it into the NEA package?

  4. We live in amazing times when we see such big organisations as these go under…they handles some fantastic cimics and I hope they continue to with the changes and don’t get lost in the mix…I guess the face of print is really changing and we’re heading into a new age for comics and cartoonists…ineteresting and sorta sad at the same time…

  5. I would imagine all United cartoonists (except for Peanuts and Dilbert which left for Universal UClick well before the syndicate bought out the other strips) would remain syndicated under what is now known as “Universal Uclick for UFS”.

  6. Fire, the wheel, the Gutenberg printing press, The Hearst Newspaper empire, printed newspaper comics, the computer, the internet . . . . Times, They Are A Changin’ . . . Bob Dylan was right.

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