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Ron Howard to direct live-action Spy vs. Spy movie

Ron Howard is rumored to be direct a live-action movie adaptation of MAD Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy. According to reports that the “film will be a physical and highly visual action comedy with two spies going mano a mano in ruthless fashion.” No date has given. Other names attached to the project include David Koepp as the producer and the writing by John Kamps.

Community Comments

#1 August J. Pollak
@ 6:55 am

No. Dear god, no.

Just…. why?


#2 Ben Carlsen
@ 7:48 am

What a challenge it must be to take a comic strip with an extremely simple premise (two spies that blow each other up) and turn it into a movie with a plot more complex than just two spies blowing each other up. If done well, it could be quite funny, I think. Don’t know if it can be, though, because… well… look what you have to work with.

I’ll be keeping my eye on it either way. It might be interesting.

#3 Kat Ruhl
@ 10:39 am

Hmmm…so often things with very simple premises get turned into pretty terrible movies but I do think it’s possible for something like this to be done right so…we’ll see, we’ll see. Not going to hold my breath though.

#4 Shane Davis
@ 11:24 am

Why am I thinking of that Mario Bros. movie right now? Could the stench be the coming from the same type of moronic thinking?

#5 Gerry Mooney
@ 3:43 pm

I’ve already started making big plans to miss this one entirely.

#6 Mark Stokes
@ 12:59 pm

Can’t we just let Antonio Prohias’ lines on paper speak for themselves?

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