Ken Burns parody of History of the Comic Strip documentary

As always, a hilarious video via The Doozies and Learn to Draw series creator Tom Gammill:

9 thoughts on “Ken Burns parody of History of the Comic Strip documentary

  1. Ken Burns is really planning a history on comic strips in 2013 for PBS?

    Remember the American Masters Charles Schulz/Peanuts episode some years back?

  2. I have to admit that when Tom introduced this piece at the Reuben Dinner I fell for it until the video started 🙂

    Wish Ken Burns was really going to do something – anyone have his number?

  3. Don’t attempt to watch this video at work, unless you want unwarranted attention from your co-workers for your snickers and thinly-supressed chortles. I hope R. C. Harvey loved it as much as I did!

  4. I asked Bob (Harvey) immediately following its screening what he thought of the short, and he told me he couldn’t hear much of it – he wears a hearing aid – but he did laugh at Jeannie Schulz using his book to crack nuts.

  5. @Anne:

    Indeed, I have Ken’s number, even going so far as to write him this “open letter” after he and I chatted in D.C. last year: .

    * The official reply: Although Mr. Burns enjoyed the piece, his film docket is booked for many years.

    If only we could get Tom to make a *real* film. Gammill? Gammill??…


  6. “…but a fight broke out, over the word ‘chiaroscuro’ and shots were fired.”

    Laugh my butt off, that’s the funniest piece of writing I’ve seen in long time! LOL!!

    Tom, you are a wizard, sir.

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