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SPJ awards dominated by alternative cartoonists

This year’s Society of Professional Journalists’ 2010 Sigma Delta Chi Awards were dominated by alternative newspaper cartoonists.

Stephanie McMillan’s work in the Sun-Sentinel/LA Times took the editorial cartooning in a newspaper with 100k+ circulation category.

Dwayne Booth (AKA Mr. Fish) took the category for 50k-100k circulation.

Mike Lester of the Rome News Tribune was the only non-altie (unless you define ‘altie’ by not having a Jeff MacNelly drawing style) who took the 1-50k circulation category.

And for the non-daily publication, the prize goes to Ruben Bolling for his feature Tom the Dancing Bug.

You can see samples of their work on the SPJ website.

Community Comments

#1 Matt Bors
@ 3:00 pm

Cool! I get why you would say most of these are “alternative,” Alan, but allow me…

McMillan is in a mainstream paper with a 100,000+ circ. and Tom The Dancing Bug was being printed in the NYTimes and WaPo in the 90s. It’s notable that these are different results than most prizes, for sure, but these are simply cartoonists.

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 3:07 pm

You’re right Matt they are in pretty mainstream cartoonists. I guess when I labeled them as “altie” it’s more of a nod to their roots and their style of cartooning. I was taken aback that “alties” nearly swept the SPJ – something I’ve never seen before.

Congrats to them all.

#3 Matt Bors
@ 4:00 pm

Yes, I got you. I just feel “altie” is outdated at this point and am trying to get away from it myself.

#4 John Cole
@ 5:04 pm

How about “drop-dead sexy,” instead?

#5 Stacy Curtis
@ 4:23 pm

Or “wordy”?

#6 Stephanie McMillan
@ 2:14 pm

Thanks Alan!

“Drop-dead sexy” gets my vote.

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