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Mark Buford goes international

Mark Buford, creator of Scary Gary, will be in the UK next week and while in Brighton he’ll be visiting with a cartoonists group called Cartoon County. They’ll record the visit in their podcast. I’m not 100%, but appears to be where they post their podcasts.

Enjoy the trip, Mark. Remember to drive on the left side of the road.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Heintjes
@ 1:05 pm

Mark is a great guy and a huge talent–I’m glad he’s being discovered on the other side of the pond!

We showed some rarities/sketches from his strip when it was brand new…if you want to see there, here you go:

#2 Keith Brown
@ 1:55 pm

I love Mark Buford and Scary Gary. Maybe someday if my strip “The Wages of Sin” ever becomes a part of the same syndicate, Mark and I can make cross character cameos….or not. It would sitll be cool though.
Check it out here:

#3 patty leidy
@ 3:53 pm

Mark is gonna have a too cool time over there! His stuff KICKS Heiney!
Now don’t you forget my tacky souvenir kiddo!!

#4 Scott Nickel
@ 5:39 pm

SCARY GARY is one of my favorites!

Kudos, Mark!

#5 Norm Feuti
@ 6:19 am

Mark is a super nice guy, and Scary Gary is a great strip. I’ll definitely have to check out that podcast once it’s up.

#6 D. M. Rolfe
@ 6:43 am


Can?t wait, I have only recently discovered ?Scary Gary? after I heard about this event.

I?ve booked the day off early just to go this event!

From what I?ve seen this is an excellent strip!

Only negative, he doesn?t seem to have a book out (well, that I can find) I would have got it signed by Mark!

Perhaps I can cajole him to do a quick ?Leopold? in my sketchbook?


#7 Frank Mariani
@ 7:16 am

Mark is a blast; he can room with me any time – we got to know each other at OSU’s Festival of Cartoon Art. Like Leopold, I tried to suck the wit out of his brain as he slept, but I couldn’t get through his crinkled aluminum sleeping cap. “Foiled again? he muttered.

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