Is Apple building magazine template tools for developers?

Interesting rumor from The Mac Observer.

Apple may be working on building a set of template tools for iPad-based magazines to include in its Xcode developer tools. Assuming the report is accurate, such a move would give developers a standardized set of tools that could make it easier for creating publications as apps.

Also rumored is the template would already include the ability for in-app subscriptions allow you to more easily create an e-book (weekly, monthly, quarterly) of your comic and sell directly to consumers (less the 30% Apple tax).

2 thoughts on “Is Apple building magazine template tools for developers?

  1. Agreed. I’d love this. I’m already publishing on iPhone and iPad, but an API would greatly simplify things.

    (Though it would also require a from-the-ground-up rebuild of what we’ve already got, I suspect.)

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