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Is Apple building magazine template tools for developers?

Interesting rumor from The Mac Observer.

Apple may be working on building a set of template tools for iPad-based magazines to include in its Xcode developer tools. Assuming the report is accurate, such a move would give developers a standardized set of tools that could make it easier for creating publications as apps.

Also rumored is the template would already include the ability for in-app subscriptions allow you to more easily create an e-book (weekly, monthly, quarterly) of your comic and sell directly to consumers (less the 30% Apple tax).

Community Comments

#1 Jeff Pert
@ 8:55 am

This would be great. Let’s see what happens.

#2 Howard Tayler
@ 12:28 pm

Agreed. I’d love this. I’m already publishing on iPhone and iPad, but an API would greatly simplify things.

(Though it would also require a from-the-ground-up rebuild of what we’ve already got, I suspect.)

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