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Video: If Disney had produced Monsters Inc 2

Hector over at The Animation Blog found this video of some early storyboarding of Monsters Inc. 2 that Disney was doing before Pixar was purchased and successfully killed production on the movie.

Spoiler – Scully and Mike go back to Boo’s room and find another person in the bed. Is it just me or does the woman in bed look like Maxine, The crabby lady in those Hallmark cards?

Community Comments

#1 Pete Tarkulich
@ 11:01 am

Monsters, Inc. remains my favorite Pixar movie (perhaps rivaled by Ratatouille), and after watching those storyboards I am SO glad the sequel was canned. What a weak premise. Can’t imagine it’d have half the heart or laughs of the original. But then, that’s never stopped Disney before.

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