Hungarian cartoonists talk about repressive fairness laws

Matt Bors interviews three Hungarian editorial cartoonists who are grappling with a repressive new “fairness law.”

Matt Bors: The implications of this law are frightening if fully implemented. Assaulting the “human dignity” of politicians is what editorial cartoonists do for a living. How might this new media law effect cartoons?

Gábor Pápai: The consequences of the law are scary indeed. However, we did get unexpectedly strong support from the European Union. This can keep those in power from the abusing it for a while, but I fear they will use it against us once the EU presidency is over. I have a feeling, like when the abusive head of family is busy nodding to the policeman?s warning, but he can?t wait for the door to close so he can remain with his family. Regretfully the EU is not going in the direction of a federal union that I would prefer.