Mike Smith does front page NASCAR cartoon

The Las Vegas Sun ran a full, front page cartoon by their editorial cartoonist Mike Smith. The cartoon is about NASCAR which were in Vegas this last weekend. Probably no other cartoonist knows NASCAR as well as Mike. (He’s even wrote/cartooned a book it).

The cartoon was also made into an animated piece for the website which I’ve embedded below:

2 thoughts on “Mike Smith does front page NASCAR cartoon

  1. I think that crossed the line between “cartoon” and “infographic” even though it was a cartoonist who made it. But until there’s a site called dailyinfographicist.com, it’s okay here.

  2. Mike Smith is top-notch and devoting the entire front page of the Saturday Las Vegas Sun, during NASCAR weekend in Las Vegas, not only says a lot about the newspaper’s willingness to try something new and different, but speaks volumes about the great value the Sun places on its staff cartoonist. There were thousands, likely tens of thousand of people in Las Vegas this last weekend who thought Smith’s front page work was more than “okay.”

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