New Peanuts graphic novel due this month reports that a graphic novel entitled “Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown” will be available on the 29th of this month. The graphic novel is being released in conjunction with a direct to video release of the same title. The graphic novel is 80 pages, written by Charles Schulz but adapted by Craig Schulz and Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis. Art is done by former Pixar artist (and Molly and Bear creator) Bob Scott, Vicki Scott and Ron Zorman.

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  1. I’m sure the graphic novel and video will be entertaining. But we’ll never know how Charles Schulz might have written or drawn it,, and it’s hard not to wonder how he might have. it’s similar to the Jeff MacNelly comics continued by others after his death – still entertaining, but would Jeff MadNelly have done it that way? I believe something similar was tried by Walt Kelly’s family after his death, including an animation feature, and it didn’t do all that well. Schulz, MacNelly, and Kelly were unique, creative originals, comic geniuses you can’t replace. And I’m sure no one knows that better than the families and friends who are trying to bring back at least some of the greatness.

    Look forward to seeing the novel and video!

  2. Ten years ago I might have burned this to the ground with my eyeballs, crying, ‘SACRILEGIOUS!’, while watching the pages satisfyingly evaporate into the flames… But I’m impressed to find myself so intrigued by what’s presented in this link. It looks great, but are the characters fully intact? I really hope so.

  3. @Applemask: Like many sequences from the Peanuts TV specials, it looks like they’ve borrowed from stories Schulz wrote for the daily strip. Lucy burying Linus’ blanket is one of my favourites and can be found reprinted in the “Peanuts Treasury” (first published in 1968).

    Now, the artwork looks top notch and obvious care has been taken to stay true to Schulz’s style … But part of me can’t help but wonder how Sparky would feel, knowing his dying wishes were that nobody else draws the strip.

    Animation is one thing, but a graphic novel feels a little too akin to the medium in which these stories were originally told.

    Maybe it’s fan loyalty.

    Maybe it’s fear.

    After all, what if they do a BETTER job than Sparky?

    *SIGH* …

  4. Mike, I don’t think anybody’s going to do a “better job” on the characters. “Better” how? What they come up with is only an interpretation of the comic strip, with new creators and different techniques. No matter how great an interpretation it is, the comic strip is always going to be the touchstone.

  5. For what its worth back in the ’60s there was a “Peanuts” comic book that somebody else drew, so it’s nothing new.

    Granted, Schulz was alive then and he probably gave final approval…

  6. The artwork is very well done! Actually, it’s kind of a Peanuts tradition. The old Peanuts comic books were never drawn by Charles Schulz. So a graphic novel with new art work is sort of in line with the history of the strip.

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