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Chance Browne on guitar

The Wilton Patch profiles Hi and Lois cartoonist Chance Browne and his non-cartooning interests – namely playing in a band named Chance Browne and Friends where he plays guitar. They play tonight in Georgetown, CT.

Moving first to Cambridge then to Burlington, Vermont in the late 1970s, Browne
broadened his artistic scope as a graphic illustrator, ad-agency jingle writer/musician and studio player. He is the only person ever to serve as both art director and musician for the (now-defunct) folk music label Philo Records.

Eventually, “living out of a van wasn’t what it once was,” said Browne, who in 1979 accepted his father’s offer to join the family business. Browne realized that having such a highly regarded father was “kind of like being Picasso’s son. Why not study with the best! He was my hero,” he said. By the early 80’s, Chance was illustrating Hi & Lois full-time.

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#1 Donna Lewis
@ 11:00 pm

“living out of a van wasn?t what it once was,?

This is my favorite quote of the evening….:-)

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