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Profiled: new Dick Tracy crew Staton and Curtis

The Jackson Sun (Jackson, TN) reports the new Dick Tracy team: Joe Staton and Mike Curtis who both have TN roots.

“In comics, like on the Internet, everybody knows everybody,” he said. “I’ve drawn thousands of comics. I’ve drawn detectives and funny comics. Whenever I’ve answered the question, ‘What is your dream project?’ ‘Dick Tracy’ ranked high on the list.”

Curtis wrote mostly funny comics, including some original work. He discovered Staton as a fellow “Tracy” fan when they met at a comics industry conference in Memphis in the mid-1980s. They soon learned they had grown up 25 miles apart from each other.

“We lived parallel paths, and they finally overlapped,” Staton said. “We’ve known each other quite a while. Whenever we get together, this dream project would come up.”

One additional interesting tidbit from the story, “Shelley Pledger and Shane Fisher will do the lettering and inking and Sunday coloring, respectively.”

Community Comments

#1 Ed Power
@ 7:52 am

I love Joe Staton. He is THE Guy Gardner artist. This is a great pick.

#2 John Read
@ 12:28 pm

I’m not familiar with Mike Curtis at all, but I’ve been a fan of Joe Staton’s art since his days at Charlton Comics. I love that Joe will be drawing a strip he’s wanted for years to do. It’ll be interesting to see if “Dick Tracy” picks up new subscribers.

#3 Steve Greenberg
@ 1:44 pm

What does this mean for Dick Locher’s involvement with Tracy?

#4 JB
@ 5:03 pm

Steve, I believe this means Dick is retiring. In the Chicago Tribune he said something to the effect of doing more things with family in the “American Southwest”

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