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Video: How Ann Telnaes does her animated cartoons

Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes shows us how she draws and animates her cartoons for the Washington Post.

Community Comments

#1 Liza Donnelly
@ 11:11 am

Fantastic! Love seeing you draw, Ann. And love the animation. Thanks for doing this. You make it look easy :)

#2 Rich Diesslin
@ 12:00 pm

Nice! I think it would save much time to do the whole process in photoshop, but I won’t argue with success. ;) Really nice clean look to that example cartoon. It’s amazing how few frames that are really needed compared to a “regular” animation.

#3 Susan Camilleri Konar
@ 12:43 pm

This is great. I wish Ann would publish a autobio/bio. I’d love to see early work, sketches and read about her experiences in animation and cartooning.

#4 Susan Camilleri Konar
@ 12:43 pm

Oops, I meant an autobio/bio.

#5 Ivan Camilli
@ 1:21 pm

Very nice Ann. Excellent job without the need of and animation disc and light table. A very cheap and effective way to do animation in no time. The inking in itself is a skill! Very well done. Thank you for posting this Alan.

#6 ryan maloney
@ 2:50 pm

great cartoons, but there needs to be a cintiq involved, that was painful to watch

#7 ryan maloney
@ 2:53 pm

great cartoons but there needs to be a cintiq involved, sort of painful to watch

#8 john meyers
@ 11:15 am

way cool video, Ms. Ann. Keep up the good work.

#9 rodd perry
@ 10:12 pm

great, now there’s a way to get carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.

#10 Jannis Milhouse
@ 12:43 pm

I am looking for a cartoonist in or near Columbia,South Carolina. Can anyone help me? 803-727-3206

#11 Mike Krahulik
@ 2:47 pm

This is like watching someone churn butter. One of these should take about 30 minutes to knock out. Also did you guys see how the rich guy got so big there was no room for the little guy?I’m sure glad she titled it U.S. income gap widens or I would have had no idea what was going on!

#12 Brett Koth
@ 8:39 pm

Wonderful stuff, Ann. As always.

#13 Guy Gilchrist
@ 11:16 am

I really enjoyed that. Thank you.

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