Millionaire cartoonist by age 19

Interesting story over on Yahoo finance which reports on six people who had made their first million before they turned 25. One of which was Juliette Brindak who started – a website geared toward tweens.

At 10, Brindak started drawing the “cool girls” cartoon figures who became stars in 2005 of her online community for tween girls. Today, she is seeking investors and preparing to take the site public as she attends Washington University in St. Louis.

16 thoughts on “Millionaire cartoonist by age 19

  1. I saw that article and promptly ignored it. Young punks with their whoozits and whatzits makin’ all kinds of dough….sniff.

    That’s ok. It’s all about the art for me, man. Money’s a crutch. Yeah.

    Hey, what about Colonel Sanders? Started Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was 65! My hero.

  2. God bless her and more power to her!

    I got a late start at 27 animating for Marvel Comics and I was 30 when I started drawing caricatures full time for a living… Which is probably a good thing, as I am pretty sure I lacked the maturity to handle that kind of success at her age.

  3. Kind of a weird site. Is it even really cartooning? But anything that makes a million bucks is pretty awesome in my book. 19, huh? I guess I’ll just go kill myself.

  4. More power to those that can find a niche market and get a loyal following!

    Stephen I thought Col. Sanders was just a guy selling his chicken at county fairs until Dave Thomas (later founded Wendy’s) turned it into a very successful franchise. Not sure though, just what I’ve heard. However still a good role model to older cartoonists hoping that our chicken is good enough to sell.

  5. Off topic a bit maybe? I don’t know. I didn’t do it.

    Either way lucky girl… probably very smart and hard working girl as well. They usually go arm and arm.

  6. …being a published cartoonist since 19yrs, and now 63yrs old, and still being published,but never making a living at cartooning,I appreciate the Col.Sanders Dave Thomas comments, just showz I can still be a millionaire at this cartooning thing…Ta! Da!

  7. That’s it!!! I’ve set up my budding 10 year old cartoonist son with a page on Facebook for his artwork. Maybe in a few years he can support me and I’ll retire…

  8. I just threw up all over my desk. I mean good for her and all. Some children get lucky like that while the rest of us have to gut it out in the trenches.

  9. John D,
    I did have the Internet when I was 19 and all I did was look up porn. Hind sight is 20/20 though, yeah?

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