Learn to draw with Gammill, Groening

It’s been awhile since Tom Gammill has released a “Learn to Draw” video, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the latest one created for the “Evening with Matt Groening” at the Festival of Cartoon Art. It obviously stars The Simpson’s creator Matt Groening.

3 thoughts on “Learn to draw with Gammill, Groening

  1. They brought a lot of material to segway to, including this, a sneak preview of a new Simpsons episode, a montage of Homer pratfalls, the Banksy Simpsons opening and a few others. Very entertaining. Tom’s videos are always a hoot in my opinion.

    One of the questions to Matt was if you had to be one of the Simpson’s characters which would it be. He said that’s easy – Lisa because she is the nicest. I also didn’t know that many of the Simpson family as first names of Matt Groening’s family. Trivia but fun.

  2. Almost as entertaining as the talk and clips was the Q&A session at the end. Fans quickly queued up in the aisles behind the microphones, and you could tell at a glance who was there for what — the 14 year-old kids for The Simpsons, the “Comic Book Guys” for Life in Hell, and a sort of hybrid of those two for Futurama.

    Matt was very gracious in answering questions (and there were some not easy to answer questions). It must be both wonderful and debilitating to have people so deeply enthused about stories you created.

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