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Festival of Cartoon Art notes: Tony Cochran

  • tony cochran: “I might be significant.” “I’m too old to be be a prodigy, but young enough to be a genius. please start that rumor.”
  • tony cochran: “I have been in syndication longer than bill watterson!”
  • agnes creator tony cochran is throwing out the one liners faster than i can capture them. hilarious.
  • tony cochran: “my career as a painter was struggling and i heard the new yorker paid really well, and i thought how hard can it be.”
  • tony cochran: agnes was designed to be 2d because that is the space that the characters live in.
  • tony cochran: if my writing too pointed, dark… sorry it’s autobiographical.
  • tony cochran: “I don’t want agnes to be a footnote in comic history… unless that’s all i can get.” tony is the king of self depreciation.
  • tony cochran: “the comics are only alive right now because we are. this weekend we celebrate us, because we might be significant”
  • did the concept of agnes come quickly? tony: “It came quickly. it was like a gift from god if you believe in that. i do”

Community Comments

#1 Karyl Miller
@ 8:37 pm

I love Agnes and Cochran!

#2 Andrew Caddell
@ 6:54 am

Loved the speech. I asked him to sign the Agnes book that I bought at the bookstore and he said, “Sorry Andrew, I already have one”. :) Too funny.

#3 Elaine Thyner
@ 9:04 am

Tony you need to come on face book please so all your fans can keep up with you better! Even Mark Tatulli said on face book he loves Agnes, and see you are missing stuff like that………..just saying

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