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Festival of Cartoon Art notes: Jen Sorenson

  • Jen Sorenson is up now speaking about the “lighter side of impending doom”
  • Jen Sorenson: showing a few of her cartoons. You can see Jen’s work here:
  • According to Jen Sorenson, if you want a cartoon to go viral, work in the topic of “iphone,” “palin,” or “Obama”
  • Should alt weekly cartoons be considered for the #Pulitzer? Jen Sorenson: with Mark Fiore’s win this year, the board seems more adventurous to consider other forms.
  • Jen Sorenson: the lack of women in entertainment is a blind spot in our society.

Community Comments

#1 Karyl Miller
@ 8:39 pm

Sorenson is great!

#2 Tom Hart
@ 2:29 pm

Jen Sorensen is uniquely hilarious and dry and observant. Give her the keys, she should be running the place!

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