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Jef Mallett’s holiday Frazz strip ready for holiday

United Media’s annual holiday comic strip is re-running Jef Mallett’s A Mall and the Right Visitor this year. The special holiday Frazz originally ran in 2003.

Mallett’s “A Mall and the Right Visitor” is an operatic, rhyming poem, making it not only a clever daily treat but also a collectible series that comes together as a heartwarming holiday story. “A Mall and the Right Visitor” tells the tale of a grumpy elementary school teacher, Mrs. Olsen, who works as a department store Santa so she can save enough money to take a trip to Las Vegas. As Mrs. Olsen listens to child after child’s greedy Christmas wishes, Frazz acts as a chorus trying to make the children – and their teacher – realize the true spirit of Christmas. Through the sincere wish of one little girl, the characters come to see that kindness is a greater gift than any wrapped present.

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