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Jim Davis helping raise money for Virginia schools

Garfield creator Jim Davis is visiting Charlottesville Virginia to help raise $40,000 for a public education fund
that pays for innovative educational programs.

“Literacy is very important because people need to know how to read to enjoy my comics,” Davis told a crowd of more than 100 people Tuesday. “So I kind of have a stake in this.”

Davis, who lives in Indiana, spent the morning at Albemarle County’s Community Public Charter School talking with students and drawing several of his beloved characters. He also met with students at Burley Middle School and talked about the importance of following your passion.

“Whatever you love doing is what you should be doing,” Davis said. “I love drawing and doodling, and one of the things I’ve learned is it never gets boring. The novelty hasn’t worn off because I love what I’m doing.”

Jim has a Professor Garfield Foundation that promotes literacy and it was through this foundation that the Virginia Department of Education began working with Jim.

Community Comments

#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 12:11 pm

Kudos to Jim for setting up and actively participating in a charitable foundation.

I’ve been to Virginia and they really need the … er … ah … well it’s a very nice state. Yeah that’s the ticket. ;)

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