Interactive comic book stars Estrada, Ferrigno

Ever play, “where are they now?” and wonder what happened to “CHiPS” Erik Estrada and “The Hulk’s” Lou Ferrigno? Wonder no more. They’re starring in an interactive comic book… defending Butterfinger candy bars! The Butterfinger Defense League is brought to you by Butterfinger of course. I should mention that the comic book also stars Charisma Carpenter.

Obligatory press release quote written by the PR firm but attributed to Estrada:

“Butterfinger fans now can play along with us in defending our favorite candy bar,” added Estrada. “Each chapter of the graphic novel delivers a unique, fun, interactive experience — you’ll even get a chance to use my sexy signature crime-fighting moves as you choose your adventure with the Defense League.”

So if you just can’t wait to use Erik Estrada’s “sexy signature crime-fighting moves,” bust your assets over to, while I curse such a slow news day.

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