Sita Sings the Blues at Cartoon Art Museum

The Cartoon Art Museum and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are hosting a special evening with Nina Paley, creator of Sita Sings The Blues on July 20. There will be a special screening of her self-created animated feature film.

The museum is also exhibiting her work between July 3 and October 24th. Tickets for the screening are required. See Cartoon Art Museum website for details.

3 thoughts on “Sita Sings the Blues at Cartoon Art Museum

  1. For anyone who hasn’t viewed Nina’s amazing creation, I hope you’ll got to this great event or if you can’t … Find Sita online. A great accomplishment by Paley.

  2. I randomly caught this on PBS (?) and thought it was pretty great. Some bits I didn’t care for, but overall I was just drawn in, in a “What the hell am I looking at?” sort of way. (I really it when that happens.)

  3. When I was passing through San Francisco, I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the exhibition of the stills and Nina’s previous cartoons. It is amazing to see how different her earlier work was. Same attention to detail though.

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