New video comics for newspapers feature SNL comedians

Alumni from Saturday Night Live of years past have launched a video comic strip series called “Beyond the Comics” which is aimed at online newspapers across the US. The feature launched today in seven papers. To achieve financial viability, the feature needs to sign up 200-500 papers. The participants include David Spade, Molly Shannon, Sarah Silverman, Dana Carvey, Jack Handey, Norm Macdonald, Colin Quinn, Kevin Nealon and Tim Meadows.

One features the voice of Silverman in a strip of a young woman peeking over her laptop in a coffee bar and offering this observation written by Wolf: “My friend has a peg-leg, like an old pirate, you know? And I feel sorry for him, but still when he’s on my living room carpet I have to ask him to stand on a coaster.”

You can see all the comics over on the Seattle PI’s website.

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