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Prime Minister sues for apology from cartoonist

From Daryl Cagle’s blog:

As incredible as it might seem for a modern European democracy, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico is suing for an apology and EUR33,000 ($43,000.00) for a political cartoon, drawn by Martin “Shooty” Sutovec for the SME Daily newspaper, that mocked the Prime Minister’s health by suggesting he didn’t have a backbone.

In his lawsuit against Shooty and his publisher, the prime minister stated that while he was suffering unbearable physical pain, the SME daily was misusing his image and mocking his suffering, which harmed his dignity and reputation.

Read the rest. Unbelievable.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Cope
@ 1:04 pm

He should countersue the PM for not having a funny bone.

#2 Ben Paddon
@ 1:12 pm

Does Slovakia not have allowances and exceptions for public figures or something?

#3 Beth Cravens
@ 2:41 pm

Really…that’s more money than what he probably made this year. Silly PM trying to get blood from a stone.

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