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Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates comic

A little afternoon levity.

Not a comic in the traditional sense, but this Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates comic will soon go viral in some crowds if it hasn’t already. Read all of them for a chuckle.

Community Comments

#1 Rick Ellis
@ 2:10 pm

All I can say is “Ha!”

#2 Jason Chatfield
@ 7:51 pm

Here’s mine from 2007:

#3 Kevin Jackson
@ 3:21 pm

Awesome… yet true.

#4 OnyxSparrow
@ 8:58 am

Of course the difference between Jobs rich and Gates rich is another subject entirely…

#5 Eduardo Sztokbant
@ 12:03 pm

Here?s a cool site where you can create your own variations of this comic!

#6 Ries Art
@ 2:02 pm

More fun:

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