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Open Thread: Your review of Iron Man 2

Reviews are hitting the web. What’s your take?

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#1 Patrick Scullin
@ 2:23 pm

I really enjoyed Iron Man 2. I’ve seen some other reviews that weren’t favorable but I think they’re being to hard on it. It’s a fun, exciting and funny movie. Robert Downy Jr., and everyone else is really good. Sam Rockwell was hilarious. The effects were great. My only complaint is that I thought it was a little slow at times but I enjoyed the cameos and loved the teaser at the end of the credits.

#2 Garey Mckee
@ 8:39 pm

Thor’s hammer! Yeah that’s right, I spoiled the teaser at the end of the credits.

#3 Gerry Mooney
@ 3:15 pm

I saw it yesterday and I enjoyed it, but it was extremely noisy! One or two fights too many; the very first one, on the LeMans racetrack, is probably the best. After that the fights get bigger and louder but not better.

Good supporting cast with Mickey Rourke a standout as the menacing, opaque Russian villain, and Don Cheadle, one of my faves, taking the part of Col. Rhodes, played by Terence Howard in the first movie. A little unusual seeing Cheadle in an action flick but he pulled it off just fine!

Scarlett Johanssen was also excellent as the Black Widow, though I don’t think they ever use that name for her in the script.

The computer effects of the numerous “heads-up” displays in Stark’s lab get way too busy, and the “secret” molecule Stark discovers happens a little too fast to actually make any sense.

I would say as a whole, the movie came off cluttered and noisy, but if you liked the first one, I would recommend it.

#4 Tim Tribbett
@ 8:04 am

The film is too cluttered with unimportant secondary characters(ie Black Widow)and the main villian never really seems to be much of a threat. You never doubt for an instant that ironman is going to come out on top. They need to streamline the next film and find a more worthy adversary.

#5 petchiHundred
@ 8:26 am

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