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Open Thread: National Cartoonists Day

Anyone doing anything related the unofficial day to celebrate cartooning?

Community Comments

#1 Terry LaBan
@ 10:33 am

I’m drawing cartoons! But I do that EVERY day.

#2 Jason Nocera
@ 10:55 am

Drinking Margaritas!

#3 Don Hagist
@ 11:31 am

Does reading this blog count as celebrating?

#4 Julie Negron
@ 11:45 am

I’m drawing margaritas! :-D

#5 Graham Nolan
@ 11:46 am

For the unofficial day of cartooning I will be working on some unofficial cartoons!

#6 Guy Gilchrist
@ 1:14 pm

I’m drawing!!!! Hurray!!!!

#7 Shane Davis
@ 1:44 pm

How come there’s no National Gunfighter Day?

#8 Brian Powers
@ 2:54 pm

I’m going to give myself a raise.

#9 John Cole
@ 3:41 pm

I want to thank everyone for making today so memorable. The cake, the bands, the parade, the hot-air balloons, Barack Obama as the human cannonball. He truly is our greatest president.

#10 Rick Kirkman
@ 4:48 pm

Like my parents used to say, “Every day is Cartoonists Day.”

#11 Howard Tayler
@ 7:00 pm

I got three days’ worth of strips finished, and got to draw something completely new (for me.)

#12 Philip Taterczynski
@ 7:48 pm

What year did NCD get started?

#13 Rob Cabrera
@ 8:41 pm

Hi, everyone. Long time reader, first time poster…

I’m actually resting by taking the night off on National Cartoonists Day. I’ve been drawing for 10 days straight. Kinda wiped.

But I agree with Rick: “Every day is Cartoonists Day”

#14 Mark_Tatulli
@ 9:45 pm

I just finished six LIO dailies and uploaded them to my syndicate. Tomorrow starts HEART dailies, for delivery Friday AM. I’m celebrating the way I always do after delivery…with a big glass of vodka, Kettel One (ok, sometimes gin…clear spirits are carb-friendly). Cartoonists Day is Thursday and Friday for me. The rest of the week I sweat.

#15 Bridgett Spicer
@ 9:52 am

Rats… I missed it.

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