Open Thread: National Cartoonists Day

Anyone doing anything related the unofficial day to celebrate cartooning?

15 thoughts on “Open Thread: National Cartoonists Day

  1. I want to thank everyone for making today so memorable. The cake, the bands, the parade, the hot-air balloons, Barack Obama as the human cannonball. He truly is our greatest president.

  2. Hi, everyone. Long time reader, first time poster…

    I’m actually resting by taking the night off on National Cartoonists Day. I’ve been drawing for 10 days straight. Kinda wiped.

    But I agree with Rick: “Every day is Cartoonists Day”

  3. I just finished six LIO dailies and uploaded them to my syndicate. Tomorrow starts HEART dailies, for delivery Friday AM. I’m celebrating the way I always do after delivery…with a big glass of vodka, Kettel One (ok, sometimes gin…clear spirits are carb-friendly). Cartoonists Day is Thursday and Friday for me. The rest of the week I sweat.

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